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  • The Freedom Trail (Boston, USA)  



       "The Freedom Trail is a red path through downtown Boston, Massachusetts that leads significant historic sites. It is a 2.5 mile walk from the Boston Common to the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown and is popular with tourists."



     2h 30' to 3h



    4950 Visits

  • CuĂ©llar Castle (Segovia, Spain)  



       "Use this audioguide to explore the Castle of CuĂ©llar from the inside, listening to the historical description of each room and place while visiting the monument. It includes also a glossary to help to understand better the technical elements of this historic building."


     Turismo CuĂ©llar

     1h to 1h 20'



    80 Visits

  • The city of the hills (San Francisco, USA)  



       "Impossible streets, incredible museums, a lot of restaurants, San Francisco is a big surprise. Visit the famous prison of Alcatraz and discover the Golden Gate Bridge."



     1h 40' to 2h 10'



    1344 Visits

  • Museum of the Almudena Cathedral (Madrid, Spain)  



       "This museum houses a collection of liturgical items and religious art that helps to explain the history of the diocese of Madrid, the Cathedral and the patrons of the city: Santa MarĂ­a de la Almudena and San Isidro Labrador. We will visit different rooms of the cathedral and we can even go up to the dome from where we can enjoy extraordinary views of the city."


     Museo de la Catedral de la Almudena

     1h 50' to 2h 20'



    239 Visits

  • Monserrat-Congress (Buenos Aires, Argentina)  



       "Originally, the neighborhood of Montserrat was a Spanish neighborhood, but the passage of time transformed it into the historic district of the city, where politics and the people came together, and where the nation"



     2h 30' to 3h



    142 Visits

  • San Telmo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)  



       "This is one of the areas with greatest historical and cultural value of Buenos Aires, which still retains its original colonial features of low houses, cobbled streets, and narrow sidewalks; sites that have been salvaged and are now used as numerous pubs, antique shops, and art galleries, creating an atmosphere unique. By courtesy of"



     1h 40' to 2h 10'



    171 Visits

  • Archaeological Museum of Badajoz (Badajoz, Spain)  



       "The Archaeological Museum of Badajoz houses a selection of archaeological pieces of the province, from prehistoric times to the 16th century. Through its rooms you can see the human history in the area through an excellent collection of pieces. "


     Archaeological Museum of Badajoz

     3h 30' to 4h



    37 Visits

  • Provincial Museum of Folk Costumes (MorĂłn de Almazán, Spain)  



       "On visiting this museum we travel to another time through the folk costumes of Soria. The various traditions, economic and climatic conditions of each area of the province mean that it is home to one of the largest collections of folk costumes in Spain."



     1h 30' to 2h



    13 Visits

  • Magna Mater (Soria Roman Villa, Spain)  



       "Here, the Hispania of the 4th century is revived through amazing mosaics and also, in the layout of the great mansion. The owners had the surname of Irrico, an Hispano-Roman family with Celtiberic origin."



     1h 20' to 1h 50'



    14 Visits

  • Museo de Cerámica Ruiz de Luna (Talavera, Spain)  



       "This is one of the best museums of ceramics in the world, we can find the history of the Ceramics of Talavera from ancient times to the present day with the help of a lot of artwork."


     Museo Ruiz de Luna

     2h 20' to 2h 50'



    94 Visits

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