Tips for creating audio tours

Quick tutorial

Check out this video tutorial barely 2 ½ minutes. With it you'll get an idea about the process of create audio tours.

What title do I give to the audio tour?

Once you have an idea on the audio tour, it should put a title. Try to be as specific as possible. Keep in mind that whenever the audio tours are displayed with the title and the city or area to which they belong, so it is not very useful to introduce into the city title. For example, it would be a repetition operator an audio tour as Fifteenth century Paris (Paris) . Holder would be better as Art in the fifteenth century (Paris) . In this way we specify more about what it is about and not repeat the city twice.

What name do I put the points?

Follow the same guidelines as with the title of the audio tour. Be specific and try not be a very long title.

The texts

You write them clearly. It is helpful to write earlier about a program like Word, where it will be correcting spelling as you type.
Please do not copy items from internet or text books. But that does not mean you can not develop an idea with all the information found . That it is permissible. When we have something we like, in general, the speaker is concrete, so we tell the general to the particular.
Imagine what you might want the listener the audio tour. Often not interested in saying something is Flamboyant Gothic of the early Renaissance, for example. But it is more profitable to say that: is a late gothic where the figures become more complicated and artists are able to make it more complex ... etc.
If you find yourself using words techniques is shortly to explain everything is very clear.
For example: adorned the refectory table ... this was the site of the monastery that served as diningroom of the monks. It is very good too add an anecdote with some story or curious.
If your text contains a foreign word you can write the letters in a way that would sound in English approximately.
In this case, the word will write between square brackets and separate with a vertical bar.

[ Word | Spoken word ]

The Map

For the audio tour can be followed by anyone who downloaded it, it must attach a map of the precise area where the tour. There is a completely free web map, it is OpenStreetMap. This site has an Export option where we can get the map you want by adjusting the scale. Other maps are not completely free and can not be used if they may be printed as a PDF if these audio tours.

If the audio tour be about painting or other art work, there are some free images on this web archaeology-archive

If you have problems getting the map you may contact us and we will help you.

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