Frequently asked questions

What's AudioViator?

AudioViator is a collaborative project among internet users. With AudioViator you can create and download audioguides in several languages and share your knowledge with people while they visit monuments, cities, nature reserves and anything else you can imagine! We know it's just not the same to visit a city or a museum if you have to read large texts and carry heavy guides. It's much better when you can listen to the history and explanations of the best spots and their details. This is why AudioViator wants to spread culture with your collaboration.

What does AudioViator want to achieve?

AudioViator want to spread the knowledge by internet and help people what like to know more. We think the culture must be free.

How can I collaborate with this project?

It's very easy! You only need to sign up to have all the necessary files for editing the audioguides. You can register in three easy steps. And rest assured, AudioViator will never use your email for advertising purposes! Then, start to edit your audioguide by filling in its main characteristics, giving a general description, and attaching a map or other image where you can plot the different points for the audioguide tour.
Next, you need to complete the informational text for each point. Later, you can choose the background music and the kind of the voice, a male or female one. Then, we dub all the texts and the audioguide will be available on the web. You will receive an e-mail when its ready for download.

Can everybody edit audioguides?

Only you and a small number of collaborators called the Viators, who have ample experience in the audioguides’ subject areas, can change your audioguides. This way, the Viators help your audioguide be especially good and prevent unscrupulous people who might try to falsify information.

How can I edit the mistakes in a other's audioguide?

If you notice some error in the audioguide you can click on the option "Inform about contents". In this way we inform the author about the possible error. Audioviator want the audioguides with the best information.


Responsibility for the contents of the audioguides belongs to the users that create them. Please, if you detect some copyrighted material in a guide, click on the option "Inform about contents" so that we can check it out.

What's the audioguides of AudioViator for?

You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work under the conditions set on license no commercial You may not use this work for commercial purposes. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by AudioViator. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.. With these audioguides, you can

  1. listen to them on your mp3 when you travel
  2. share them with your friends
  3. help people to get to know your city
  4. insert them in a blog
  5. teach with them in schools and universities
  6. .  .  .

Who are the experts?

They are experts in one or more of the audioguides subject areas, trusted by AudioViator to advise and aid you in making your own audioguides.

How do you become an expert?

You must demonstrate your expertise in one or more of the subject areas. Your audioguides must interest the users. You can also be recommended for consideration by another existing Viator.

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