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Museum of the Almudena Cathedral (Madrid)

Museum of the Almudena Cathedral


This museum houses a collection of liturgical items and religious art that helps to explain the history of the diocese of Madrid, the Cathedral and the patrons of the city: Santa María de la Almudena and San Isidro Labrador. We will visit different rooms of the cathedral and we can even go up to the dome from where we can enjoy extraordinary views of the city.
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  •  23-12-2013
  •  1h 50' to 2h 20' 
  • Version : 4 
  •  Museo de la Catedral de la Almudena 
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Introduction - Main Sacristy

On this tour we go through several rooms of the Cathedral including the Sacristy, the Chapter house and we can even go up to the dome from where we can enjoy extraordinary views of the city. We can visit the museum where a large number of liturgical and...

Left and Right wall

On the left wall we can see three scenes of the first chapter from the Bible telling us how God created the world. God created the sea, the water, the fish ... then God created the earth which began to germinate, to produce fruit, etc. The creation of God...

Cathedral Balcony

You can enjoy a beautiful view of the main façade of the Palace and Armory Square from the balcony of the Cathedral. The space occupied by the Cathedral and the Palace now was the place chosen by the emir Muhammad I in the ninth century to build a fortress...

Cathedral Foundation

In 1561 Felipe II decided to move the court from Toledo to Madrid. Since then Madrid became the political capital of the Kingdom of Spain. However, the religious capital continued to be Toledo, whose bishop holds the title of Primate of Spain. On many...

Santa María de la Almudena

The Cathedral of Madrid is dedicated to the Virgin of Almudena, patron saint of the city. Tradition tells us about an image of the Virgin that was hidden by Christians in the ancient defensive walls of the town in the early years of the Muslim conquest. ...

San Isidro Labrador

Saint Isidro lived during the first half of the 12th century in Madrid. This saint married María Toribia, popularly known as Santa María de la Cabeza. They settled in the small town of Madrid, after the Reconquest, a period of expansion of the Christian...

Eastern Lookout Point

The dome of the Cathedral of the Almudena is 73 meters high. We can enjoy a beautiful view of the city from here, thanks to the little hill on which the cathedral stands. We can see almost all of old Madrid, the so-called Madrid de los Austrias, from this...

Western lookout point

Casa de Campo, one of the largest parks in Europe, is so big that it is impossible to see it completely from the dome. It exceeds in size Bois de Boulogne in Paris, Central Park in New York and Hyde Park in London. This land was purchased by King Philip II...

Northern lookout point

In front of us there are the two towers of the cathedral where its eight bells chime in the days of solemn liturgy. You can also see the roof of the palace and behind it, the two tall towers of the Plaza de España. These buildings were constructed in the...


The Eucharist, introduced by Jesus at the Last Supper, is the conversion of the bread into the Body of Christ and wine into his blood. The Church believes that Jesus is present in the bread and wine consecrated by the priest at mass. This is real, not just...

Temple Consecration

In 1993, after more than a century of work, Pope John Paul II consecrated the temple in an emotional ceremony attended by many locals. In this room there are some of the objects that were used for the celebration. Next to the big picture where you can see...


The chapterhouse is where the Incumbents of the Church of Santa María de la Almudena have meetings. The canonry is comprised of the canons, priests appointed by the bishop to administer the Cathedral. This is a collegiate organization and the decisions are...
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